Deflection Protections Systems Perth

We are also able to provide Deflection Protection Systems. DPS is a product designed to prevent damage to cool room and freezer room walls, doors and door frames from pallet damage.  This system not only gives you life long protection of your rooms and hardware it is 100% Australian Made.  DPS is not only for cool room and freezer room protection but can be used to protect any areas that require protection from pallets. 

The Deflection Protection System is a guide for movement and placement of pallets in and around cool rooms. The components are designed to be flexible and absorb impact energy and return to their original position. This innovative design allows effective control and management of the impact pallet collision in these environments. 

DPS reduces the force placed on the fixings and makes sure the components will not pull out or come loose, preserving the structural integrity of the concrete slab. This unique product can be fixed close to concrete edges, greatly reducing loss of valuable floor space.